Aspects of the Environment

Does Conservation Save or Squander?

Mother Nature Undisturbed

Absolute Safety

Do Synthetic Chemicals in our Environment Threaten or Future?

Incineration and Health

How Dangerous is Ionising Radiation?

Ionising Radiation and the Atomic Bomb

Radon, the Silent Natural Menace

Radiation from Electrical Power is Not a Significant Cause of Cancer

Health Risks from Microwave Radiation

A Green Future with Technology

Does the Enhanced Greenhouse Effect Threaten our Future?

The Ultimate Safe and Efficient Traffic System

ENFO Briefing Sheet – Ionising Radiation

Spray Cans, Smog and Society

Biodiversity – What’s all the Fuss About?

The Tropical Box Jellyfish: the World’s Deadliest Creature

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  • The True State of The Planet, Ronald Bailey (ed.) (The Free Press, 1995).
  • Nuclear Radiation, Risks and Benefits, Edward Pochin (Oxford University Press, 1985).

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